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The total cost for the course is $600. This amount is non-refundable and must be paid in advance. You must have paid in full before the class date and before you begin your internship.
You will attend a scheduled two (2) day class for a total of 16 credit hours in a classroom setting. This course offers an overview of laws, rules, policies and procedures. This course will be scheduled twice a month.
Upon completion of your registration and payment, you will receive Module I, consisting of the pre-study package, testing and work assignments in physical plant, human resources, organizational management and regulatory management. Additionally, Module II consists of 20 credit hours of self study, testing and work assignments in business, financial management and resident care.
You will work with an approved Preceptor at a licensed facility. There is a specific program with work assignments to complete. The internship consist of 100 contact hours working in a facility. You must complete the course within three months. Extra time allowance can be pre-arranged and approved  by the Program Director.

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