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Founder and CEO of Eagle Healthcare Services, Rosemary Nwankwo has 29 years of experience in the Health Services Industry. She is a graduate of University of Texas in Austin, Texas. Her credentials and training include:
* Innovations Services and Elements of Person Centered Planning
* Activity Coordinator for Long Term Care Facility
* Preceptor Course in Leadership Techniques
* PCA 80 hrs Instructor Program
* AIT Instructor approved by DHSR
*Home Care Licensure Applicant Training Course
* Consultant: Adult Care Programs (PSR), Home Care Agency, Family Care Homes, Assisted Living, Adult Daycare Services )
Rosemary's entrepreneurship includes not only Eagle Healthcare Services, but also Eagle Adult Care Homes, In-Home Health Care Agency, Eagle Psychosocial Rehabilitation program and the North Carolina Assisted Living and Consulting agency which conducts the AIT Training Program.
Our Mission
The mission of the NCAL and Consulting is to educate owners and  future Administrators of Adult Care Homes. We want to assist owners in understanding the various policies, procedures, sanctions, audit preparedness/corrections ,and possibly pitfalls he or she may encounter. If you are interest in pursuing ownership, licensing and/or management of an Adult Care Home (ACH), Family Care Home (FCH), review our calendar for class registration. You can also email us any questions you may have.

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